Jewellery Care

Here are a few hints and tips to keep your lovely Custom Made jewellery looking great!

We use a few key metals and here's some info on them....

For our chains we either use sterling silver or gold plated metals. All metals may (or may not) tarnish over time, but you can do the following to clean your jewellery if it happens.



Sterling silver can be cleaned with a silver cloth. They are available in supermarkets and hardware stores.



A simple wash with a mild detergent (washing up liquid or hand soap) should clean your gold plated chains. Please be careful with your charms on the chains though.



We use brass for lots of our charms. If brass tarnishes it can be very easily cleaned using Brasso. Brasso is available in all supermarkets. Washing up liquid or hand soap work well too.

You can use a silver cloth on you brass/sterling silver mix earrings. This method brings the shine back wonderfully!


To help avoid tarnishing in the first place there are a few things you can do-

Avoid contact with perfumes, body lotions and household chemicals, they can contain chemicals which react with plating in particular.

Don't sleep wearing your jewellery.

Don't wear your jewellery in the shower.

Store your jewellery in a dry container.